I created a fantastical world out of my imagination, my drawings and paintings depict it and connect “this world” I made with ours. I invite the viewer to contemplate colorful and magical places, the infinite spaces allows you to rest, to think, to play, it can help you find answers or questions. Everything coming in contact with me can potentially become an inspiration, ultimately I make works wanting to bring some beauty into the world.

I was born in South of France, a little village in Provence called Puyricard, but I lived most of my childhood and teenage in Paris with my parents, my big sister and my little brother. I had a happy childhood, I was surrounded with love.

I live currently in Holland, in Den Haag, a quiet place where I can work peacefully. I work from my place, from my couch, alone, often during the night time, I need to be comfortable and in a peace of mind to work. Those moments of creation are primary in my life.

I always listen to music when I work (and most of the time), mostly Hip-hop from France and America, I would recommend all the songs from “PNL” a french-group I love.

I want the world  to see my work. I keep a place in my mind and my hearts for anyone that share it.