I suppose my photography aesthetic takes a lot of inspiration from my experience with psychedelic drugs. I like to create images that have a timeless sense of escapism and an other-worldly quality to them. I use analogue photography, I think film has a beautiful nostalgic aesthetic that can’t be recreated digitally. I also like to push for beautiful imperfections in my images, light leaks, dust & scratches, double exposures, I’m in love with film photography and all of it’s little quirks.

People often ask me what filter or app I have used to create a certain effect, but most of the effects I create are done manually. I have a collection of crystals, prisms, lenses and other random objects that I like to hold in front of my lens to obscure the subject and reflect light. I use really cheap polaroid and 35mm cameras and believe you don’t need an expensive camera or lens to create beautiful imagery.

I work full time as a Graphic Designer so my photography is currently just a hobby. I’ve been shooting for around 6 months, so I’m currently just doing test shoots with various models and developing my aesthetic. I’d like to start shooting more musicians and art pieces and eventually would love to create album artwork for musicians and artists.

I was born in the North East of England in a town called Middlesbrough. But I’m currently living and working in London.

¿How was your childhood?

Lots of fun. I was always interested in being creative and making art, even as a kid.

My music taste is really varied, so it depends what mood I’m in. I’ve been listening to a lot of dance and house music recently. Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles is definitely up there with my all time favorite songs. Also Donny Hathaway’s live version of Jealous Guy has got to have a mention. Curtis Mayfield’s Move On Up is another favorite. In terms of new music I really enjoyed Bonobo’s latest album Migration, his DJ set for MixMag at the Village Underground is great too, you should definitely give that a listen.