Earlier I have always been shooting with Digital Camera, but now I have my focus more on analogue photography.

My passion for film photography started a year ago :  My friend let me borrow his Olympus XA and then boom, I just fell in love with it.

I love to play with daylight and tone. Usually I just took one friend with me and go out to have a photoshoot, like a small trip around Bangkok. I take a photo of both my friend and what I saw around me, so it’s kind of like writing a diary of that trip.

I think shooting films makes me dedicate more on shooting something, because obviously you don’t want to waste your film, so when I go back to the digital, I concentrate more than before.

I have a pretty happy childhood. I live with my dad, mom, and my older sister. I went to a waldorf school, which is not like a normal school. We don’t have exams here, but we learn by action. In some way, this really influence me to be a creative person and to be out of an old frame.

I hate waiting. There are so many times I just press the camera’s shutter at the very moment I saw something. It is good but it is also bad. The good thing is when you are quick, you get that shot which is very natural, but sometimes it is just worth to wait.