My drawings are usually hand-drawn. I normally do a pencil sketch then I trace it with ink pens and scan it in order to adjust the contrast and levels in Photoshop and get a white background. In the past couple of weeks I’ve started to draw digitally for what I use the simplest Wacom Bamboo pen&touch graphic tablet.

I get inspiration mostly from my own feelings, emotional situations and quotes from books, movies, songs etc. That’s why I always join quotes to my drawings which I feel most related to. Sometimes I know exactly what feeling or situation I want to interpret and after drawing it on paper, I search for most appropriate quote, other times I come across some quote that I am really moved by and then I turn that exact quote into drawing. I love astronomy, constellations and moon, and I’m most touched by Carl Sagan’s and other astronomers’ quotes, you cannot fail to see its influence in my drawings – everything is space related, probably because I’m impressed by infinity of the universe which to me represents infinity of my (and everybody else’s) inner world – dreams, thoughts and ideas that we all carry within ourselves and that are limitless and inexhaustible.

Well, when I had a day job, I was working from 8am to 4pm and I couldn’t wait to come home and then draw the whole afternoon. I would put some ambiental music, choose the quote among those I already had written down, and make some pencil sketches. I tried to make one drawing every single day, but sometimes it takes me a bit longer to finish it, sometimes I’m just too tired or not inspired enough. I quit my job last week actually, and I’m moving to another apartment, so I’m quite torn between moving and doing some paperwork, but after I settle down and get into my routine again, I guess I’ll need to make some new habits, because drawing is becoming my full time job from now on.

I was born in a small city named Čakovec on the north of Croatia, but have been living in its capital, Zagreb, for more than 10 years now and planning to move somewhere else in the near future, because Zagreb’s getting too small and boring for me 😀

My childhood was really great, I could say one of those every child dreams of. I lived in a small city, in a big house with a huge lawn where I could play, jump and run with my older brother and neighbours the whole day. Sometimes I feel quite nostalgic for it, and I miss living in a house with a garden.

Hmm, I think I would be a cat (maybe because of the 9 lives they have?). I can say I’m a cat person, and have always had a cat as a pet. Some people think they are not loyal to their owners, but I’m sure they are, and I love their mood and cunning characteristics.