My biggest inspiration is nature. The oceans , the forests , volcanoes and jungles. When I paint I remember landscapes I had the chance to see while traveling. The concept is to spread positive vibes . I love when people observe a piece and tell me it looks like a satellite view of the oceans/volcanoes/jungles or forests. That’s my goal. Everybody can see something different in my paintings, but it’s always positive.

I am very spiritual , I am all about positive energy. I always put incense and music when I am about to paint. When it’s nice out I love to paint outside under the sun.

My parents are nature lovers just like me. We were always doing outdoor activities ; kayaking , picnics , hiking, camping etc. I learned to appreciate nature very early in my life. I also thank them everyday because they introduced me to arts at a very young age, bringing me to Theatre/Acting on camera and painting classes when I was 7-8 years old. I never stopped since then.

I am working on a very interesting project combining traveling and my artist career. I want to have small exhibitions everywhere in the world and I will definitely make sure Colombia is on the list. I heard you have a very beautiful country!






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