Surfing is my primary focus when it comes to photography. It in itself is a true art, and beautiful in every way from the landscapes, to the people involved. Surfing expresses individuality unlike any other sport I’ve been involved with. I try to capture surfing in a way different that the traditional sports photographer, and bring what I see and how I see it to life in the form of a picture.



I grew up in a separated home that was unpleasant at times so found comfort in skiing which lead me to colorado when I was old enough to move away.  I remember my pre-teen years being good, as a teenager I moved around a lot from parent to parent and state to state. It was a wild hard ride that shaped me into who I am today. I found surfing years ago, and it’s changed my life and I will continue to let the ocean shape me into the person I am growing into.

Music is my biggest influence, and what drives me everyday. The people who I surround myself with are my inspiration. I look for dramatic light when I shoot, and ways to make that light show throughout my images. Good light can change the way a picture feels. Light is everything, and can turn an ordinary picture in to a phenomenal one.

Follow what makes you happy. Don’t let anyone or anything change that and tell you otherwise. Don’t waste the little time you have doing things that make you unhappy, and don’t fulfill you in everyday. If that means constantly being broke, struggling to get by in order to do what you love, do it.


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